Welcome to 21 Choices

Claremont (The Village) 4/23

  • Madagascar Vanilla Bean
  • Belgian Chocolate
  • Berry Margarita; Blueberries, raspberries, strawberries and lime juice
  • Simply Yogurt; our plain tart cultured yogurt
  • Oreo Cookie Magic; Oreo cookies, cookie dough and rainbow sprinkles
  • Banana Cream Pie; fresh organic bananas and Nila wafers

Claremont (Mountain & Foothill) 4/23

  • Madagascar Vanilla Bean
  • Double Dark Chocolate
  • Fresh Organic Bananas
  • Blushing Oreos; Oreo cookies and fresh locally picked strawberries
  • Mocha Almond Fudge; coffee blended with almonds and chocolate chips
  • Old Fashioned Chocolate Chip; chocolate chips and a bit of malt

Old Pasadena 4/23

  • Madagascar Vanilla Bean
  • Old School Chocolate
  • Circus Animal Cookies; I know you know what we make this with...
  • Millionaire Matchmaker; Reese's cups and dark chocolate. A perfect match and really rich! $$$
  • Simply Yogurt; our plain tart cultured yogurt
  • Mango Mai Tai; fresh mangos, fresh pineapples, maraschino cherries

USC 4/23

We are opening at 6pm today. Sorry about the late hours. We are having to adjust getting ready to close next week! Doing everything we can to stay as long as possible!

  • Madagascar Vanilla Bean
  • Nutella on the Rocks, Just a whole lot of Nutella with chocolate chunks..
  • The 'SC Brownie Diet; brownies and marshmallows. you'll probably loose 5 pounds.. obviously.
  • Say Cheese!!!; fresh locally picked strawberries and cheesecake will make you smile
  • we are making 4 choices daily to prepare for closing
  • we will miss you and will gladly look for a new USC location if you want us here!!

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