Tropical Choices

My favorite thing about summertime at 21 Choices are all the Tropical choices we have to offer. Tropical choices can cool you off after a long shopping spree in the village, or remind you of those yummy tropical drinks you had on your last vacation. I’m going to share some of my personal creations, as well as some classic choices you’ve seen before. 

If you are looking for a choice that is simple and refreshing, go for our Non-Dairy Fruit choices. Our fruit choices are made fresh everyday and always organic. These soft serve fruit choices change daily, so if your favorite fruit choice isn’t on the menu, there’s always tomorrow. You can add fresh fruit to this choice (I personally love banana chopped into my fruit choices, it reminds me of an acai bowl). You can mix in almonds or peanuts to add a bit of crunch, or be wild and mix in Oreos and Nutella. Our fruit choices are so refreshing! Add any mix in you want and I guarantee it will keep you cool.

Tropical drinks are a staple for summer, so why not make your yogurt taste just like one! Our Strawberry Tequila Sunrise is a customer favorite, and yes, it is non-alcoholic. It is made with French Vanilla yogurt, fresh strawberries, fresh pineapple, and Sunkist soda. This choice will win you over with its presentation. We mix the fruit into your yogurt and then pour actual soda onto the rock and let it freeze. After it freezes, we mix the soda into your yogurt to create a delicious and tangy tropical choice. I would recommend requesting this choice in a bigger cup because the soda makes it a bit bigger in size. 

Another tropical drink, which is a fan-favorite on vacation, is a Piña Colada. This isn’t on our menu, but it is too creamy and delicious not to try. Start out with our creamy French Vanilla yogurt, mix in pineapple and coconut shavings. This sounds like a simple choice, but I promise it tastes like the real deal. If you are feeling like a smoothie, have the lovely associate helping you, make this choice into a blended drink. The smoothie version of this is so yummy because the coconut really mixes with the fresh, juicy pineapple. You can actually make any choice we have into a smoothie or milkshake!

If you are a longtime North store customer, you will probably remember Under the Sea. This choice is made with French Vanilla, sea salt, coconut, and caramel. This has a really rich taste to it and pairs great with fresh pineapples or strawberries. Our North store location now makes homemade blueberry and strawberry sauce as well. Drizzle strawberry sauce on top of Under the Sea for a flavorful addition. 

At 21 Choices we really encourage customers to come up with their own creations! If you have a favorite tropical drink you would love to see made into a yogurt or smoothie, stop by any location and experiment. Our associates are experts in making suggestions to really elevate your yogurt. As always, snap a picture of your tropical-themed yogurt and tag us @21choicesfrozenyogurt. Have fun in the sun ☀️