The Healthy Choice

Most customers come in with an idea of what kind of yogurt they want. The Chubby Hippo is a classic for those who love sweet, salty, and a lot of chocolate brownie chunks. The Cinnamon Churro gives vibes of the sweet, fried treat we all love. Diets can ruin all those dreams of indulgence and you just end up feeling like Augustus Gloop from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I have encountered so many customers wanting a creamy treat but worrying about the calories and how much fat is in the yogurt. 

Being on a diet does not mean you should sacrifice food you love! I’m no expert on diets, but I will share some of my personal tips on how to get the most out of 21 Choices when you’re trying to cut down. 

The biggest tip I have is choosing the right size. As most of you know our small is not as small as you would think, it’s 8 oz. Swapping the small for a tres small (very small size) which is 4 oz. (big difference) will still leave you satisfied and guilt-free. Our sizes can sometimes confuse newcomers so always feel free to ask our lovely associates to show you the size options. 

The next tip I have is picking which yogurt to get. There are two routes you can take with this option. The first option is just getting a soft serve. Calories can add up quick when you choose extra ingredients to put inside of the yogurt. We make our yogurt fresh everyday and blend in plenty of cookies and baked goods inside to create the perfect choice. By getting a tres small soft serve, you still enjoy the sweet taste but eliminate excess calories from mix ins. 

If you are dying to get a mix in, I’d recommend getting either the French Vanilla (psst! It’s low fat) or our Simply Yogurt (plain tart) which both have live active cultures. These yogurts are great low-calorie options and leave you with a clean canvas to create whatever you want. As for the mix ins, I’d keep it simple. Fresh fruit is the best option simply because IT’S GOOD FOR YOU! Mix in a spoonful of strawberries to your Simply Yogurt and you’ll feel full and refreshed. If you are like me and HAVE to have something with chocolate inside, I would suggest French Vanilla with our 63% cacao chocolate Guittard chips. These chocolate chips are non-dairy, made with some of the highest quality chocolate on the market, and has zero fillers and extra ingredients. If you really want to spice it up, add some strawberries to imitate chocolate covered strawberries. Mix ins are customizable, so feel free to add whatever you want. If you feel like having a cookie, add a fruit, it’s all about balance. 

Once your yogurt is made, take a stroll around the Claremont Village or walk from your home to our North Claremont location. As my mom always says when tracking her activity on the Apple watch, “Every step counts towards your goal!” These are simple tips that help you out when you are craving 21 Choices, but don’t want to feel the guilt after. Love your body and never deprive yourself of things you love, just make slight adjustments.