The Good Stuff

I love serving people on vacation.

People on vacation don’t wear watches and never ask which of the choices has the least amount of sugar.

Vacationers walk straight up to us with a full faced smile and ask one question, “What’s the best thing you have?”

I’m back on Kauai this week and already know all my favorite spots– fish tacos at Da Crack, tapas and sangria at Joselin’s and you can catch me every night with two scoops of Heavenly Hana at Lapperts. I am going to try out some new places this week and go straight to that million dollar question.

A lot of first timers walk through the doors of 21 and say that they have never come in because the long looks so long or that they are visiting from out of town and their friends told them that we are the one place  they couldn’t afford to miss. Their friends are right.

So if you’re new to the scene or even a regular customer who has become stuck in routine, let me break down the best stuff we’ve got….

  1. Today’s Choices– seriously, today’s choices are incredible. Nobody makes soft serve yogurts like we do because nobody can. We have a team of chefs who mix these up with fresh ingredients every morning. If you happen to end up here on a Blueberry Muffin day even better. Do yourself a favor and sample ALL the choices. We want you to try them because they rock. And we will never roll our eyes at you when you ask for samples like that bratty girl that works at the ice cream shop down the street.

  2. Oreo Cookie Magic– This one just melts my heart. If you are on vacation there is no doubt in my mind that this is the one thing you must try. Stay traditional and order it in vanilla. Oreos, cookie dough and rainbow sprinkles. Don’t compare it to Cookies ‘n Cream. That doesn’t do it justice. The distant cousin of OCM is Circus Animal Cookie. There are probably 15 girls standing in line to order this at any moment as it has a disgustingly large cult following. But I will always be an Oreo girl.

  3. Saucy Sailor– this mix-in with cookie dough, peanut butter, caramel and sea salt is a slightly newer addition to the 21 family but an instant favorite. It was invented by Lauren, one of our Claremont village associates who had a huge passion for cookie dough. Order it with extra cookie dough to experience it the way Lauren made it for herself.

  4. Root Beer Float– Some of our stores have been serving this every Saturday as a soft serve for over a decade. But you can order this every day as a mix-in. We pour a can of A&W Root Beer right on our frozen rock and let it freeze up like ice. Then we mix it in vanilla frozen yogurt and it tastes like a Saturday afternoon watching baseball in the living room with your dad– or whatever else you associate with root beer.

The sun isn’t quite out yet on the island so I’ve already spent a few hours exploring new foods. The best latte comes from the Living Foods Market in Poipu, who also make fresh white chocolate papaya muffins. I got mine fresh out of the oven this morning at 7am! You might see a white chocolate papaya yogurt on the menu next week!

Whether I’m eating a home cooked meal from my friends on the island or dining in the busy tourist villages, I come to Kauai for the food. I go everywhere life takes me for the food. So if your life brings you into one of our stores ask for the best stuff and don’t even think about sharing!

Eat your heart out!