Dogs at 21 Choices

21 Choices is open to the whole community, even your furry friends! I love seeing families walk to 21 Choices and bring their dogs. I am a huge dog lover myself, and I appreciate when restaurants and other food establishments acknowledge our canine companions. 

Next time you come to 21 Choices, do not hesitate to bring your dogs. We have wonderful outdoor seating available at both locations for the whole family and your furry friends. Most people don’t know, but our vanilla yogurt is safe for dog consumption. They love the sweet taste and it cools them off on a hot summer night. 

When you come inside to order, ask any associate for a sample cup of vanilla yogurt for your dog. In my personal experience, it puts a smile on my face when a customer asks me for a sample of vanilla for their dog. Seeing their cute faces through the window makes my night. Especially on hot days/nights, feel free to grab an extra cup of water for your dog. If you have a bigger dog, ask an associate for a bigger yogurt cup to use as a water bowl. 

We can’t wait to see your whole family (this includes your four-legged friends) this summer at 21 Choices! Snap a picture with your family and dogs at 21 Choices. Tag us and use #dogsat21choices. We love reposting all your beautiful pictures.