A Parent's Guide To 21 Choices

21 Choices is the best spot to take your kids. We offer any choice or topping combination your child could ever dream up. This can also become a problem for the wonderful (AKA patient) parents. We all know kids get distracted and want every topping their bellies can hold. Their eyes are definitely bigger than their stomachs. I want to share a few of my secrets for getting in and out of 21 Choices quickly, while still making sure each child is happy. 

21 Choices loves giving our customers samples of each daily choice. Kids love to make up the wackiest combos and end up not eating their yogurt because of its unappetizing taste. Allow your kids to fill up on samples! This way they can get those crazy combos out of the way and realize simplicity is the key.

The lines at 21 Choices may cause you to become impatient, but I actually think they are a blessing in disguise. The line allows for you to help your child figure out what they would like to order. The best thing to do when it comes to toppings, is to set a topping limit. This way your child still gets to choose which toppings they’d like and won’t over do the amount. The 21 mix-ins are a great place to start if your child cannot decide on their own creation. Each 21 mix-in comes with about 3 toppings and you can order them in any size (even the tre small). The 21 mix-ins are tested and approved for tasting great! You really can’t go wrong with a choice chosen specifically by the chefs at 21 Choices.

For the parents who have really little ones, a simple vanilla yogurt with rainbow sprinkles on top is the best way to go. The vanilla is easy on their tummies and the bright colored sprinkles always put a smile on their faces. If your little one is stuck on having their yogurt in a cone, ask any associate for a spare cup to ensure there will be no spillage. Just pop the cone in the cup and enjoy the yogurt with a spoon. I always give parents the spare cup because my little brother was the king of letting yogurt drip all over his shirt and hands while eating from the cone (ask for a spare cup, don’t be like my brother). 

The last tip I have is on the sizing options. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve witnessed a child begging for a bigger size, when both their partners and myself know they will never finish it. The trick I like to do is take whichever size their parents recommend, and place the yogurt in the next size up. Their child is ecstatic to see their parents allowed them to get a small rather than a tre small. Their parents and I both know they are eating a tre small. I will admit this trick only works on kids of a certain age. As they get older, they will catch on to our secret. I won’t tell if you don’t.

I hope these tips help out the lovely parents of 21 Choices. The smiles on your child’s faces truly make each associates day. As always, take a photo of your children and tag us on Instagram @21choicesfrozenyogurt and use #kidsat21. 

*Because we love parents so much, show this blog to any associate and receive a free small yogurt with any topping. You deserve it!