If my mom wouldn’t tuck me into bed and tell me a story every night I would literally freak the hell out. Tantrum is an understatement. The best way to describe it is what happened when you feed the gremlins after midnight; those furry little balls of fluff instantly transformed into small, evil, destructive monsters.

My grandmother would often read me stories. She would start buttering me a toast and pulling down the covers around eight o’clock to avoid unneeded stomping of the feet. The stories she read were kind of like ‘Leave it to Beaver’ episodes. Everything had some sort of ‘listen to your mother’ twist at the end. I fell asleep every night knowing that if I ate my brothers donuts and lied about it my mother would find out and bake my brother three dozen donuts and I wouldn’t get any.

My mom never baked a donut in her life.

But she did make her bedtime stories up from scratch.

The all time favorite was a brilliant short story we liked to call “The Cow  that ate Poptarts.” The plot consisted of a nameless cow that walked down the street to the local market and purchased every imaginable flavor of Pop Tart.

Chocolate Pop Tarts, Blueberry Pop Tarts, Marshmallow Pop Tarts, Potato Chip Pop Tarts, Lemon Pop Tarts, Cream Cheese Pop Tarts, Peanut Butter Pop Tarts….

I think the bulk of the story was just my mom listing off a few dozen imagined Pop Tart flavors while I laid in bed on an emotional sugar high.

Mom is a school teacher but I think she could have made a killing working in the Kellogg flavor factory. You have my personal guarantee that the world would be a better place if someone had invented the Chocolate Shake & French Fry Pop Tart.

My job now is literally my childhood dream come true. We have a a team of chefs at each store that spend their mornings playing with food and doing what I forced my mom to do for fifteen minutes before I went to bed every night.

I don’t think I’ve ever actually consumed a Pop Tart. I just fantasized about them. My mom wouldn’t buy them for me. I ate Grape Nuts. Seriously. I was the only six year old who was not allowed to eat artificial breakfast pastries. I plan on making up for lost time once I’m too old to be concerned about cellulite.

Luckily, the ability for 21 Choices to essentially turn anything into a frozen yogurt has made my taste buds evolve quite a lot over the past years. I think the cow that ate Pop Tarts would definitely subscribe to get the daily updates of our choices. (Or would it be wrong for a cow to eat dairy products?)

Over the years we have seen a lot of successes and some pretty funny failures. Yes, potato chips, tortilla chips and Fritos have all made their way through our soft serve machines. The potato chips tend to come out victorious… the other chips not so much. Our USC location has pretty much experimented with every alcohol you could imagine– frozen yogurt can taste like a Jello Shot. It is amazing. It tastes like a pool party in a cup. Guiness and Oreos is an unlikely yet completely satisfying mix.

But then there’s the time I tried to put avocados in the yogurt… About six years has gone by and I will finally publicly admit that it was an epic fail. It was mangos and avocados. It might have came out brown. I will gladly refund anyone who purchased that and was traumatized. I hope I didn’t ruin guacamole for you forever.

It’s fun to sit back and think of all the crazy stuff we have put in the yogurt over the years. And I’m happy I found a home at 21 rather than trying to figure out what I could stuff into a Pop Tart.

So next time you have some wacky craving please drop me a line– I’ve literally been doing this since childhood. And please introduce yourselves to our fabulous chefs. They work hard to create a balance between new and exciting choices and giving you those 21 classics that you crave. Your feedback is truly the single most important thing to them.

Hope you enjoy what we have planned this week!

– e