Okay, so the name is pretty self explanatory: Free yogurts. All day. For everyone.

We give out free small soft serves of “Today’s Choices.” The “choices” are the six yogurts that are made in the store each morning by our yogurt chefs.

On Free Day we choose to give away the soft serve choices instead of mix-ins for a couple reasons.

First, this is the best stuff we’ve got.

Each of the choices is made fresh in the store every morning by one of our Yogurt Chefs. They are made in small batches throughout the day using only the best ingredients. Want Banana Cream Pie yogurt? Well, you’ve got to wait for our fresh organic bananas to ripen to the perfect sweetness. We would never just pour in a banana flavor or a banana syrup— that’s just wrong.

Our chefs will blend up a jar of rich Nutella with pure chocolate sprinkles and sweet Carnation malt for the perfect Nutella Malt choice or crumble up your favorite pink and white frosted cookies to make our famous Circus Animal Cookie choice.

We want to give out these choices on Free Day because we are proud of how we make them and want you to be able to enjoy the best stuff we make.

We also give out soft serves on Free Day because we do not want anyone to have to wait in an insanely long line.

The whole experience of coming in to get something for free should be fun and easy. You should not have to be in line for 30 minutes waiting for your special treat.

Free Day is about reminding you that we love you.

We want to give something to as many of our wonderful customers as possible and make as many people happy as possible.

I really hope you make it in on January 26th because its truly one of our favorite days of the year.

And please let me know if you have suggestions for which choices our chefs should make that day!

Can’t wait to see you,