This is my official apology for confusing all of you with our bizarre change in cup sizes and names. Seriously, I am sorry. And like most apologetic girls, mildly embarrassed.

Girls change cup sizes so frequently these days we thought we could pull it off. But just like the time I tried to stuff my bra in the fifth grade, things failed miserably.

So today we both sheepishly and proudly return to our original sizes;

1. Tres Small: This smallest of all sizes was named by Tony’s smallest sister when she was in school at Scripps College. This is the French ‘tres’ as in ‘very small’ not to be confused with the Spanish ‘tres’ as in ‘three small’… because that makes absolutely no sense. We recommend this tiny cup for very small children or people who just ate a lot of sushi.

2. Small: This is a trick. It’s not small. It’s a good size for people who want a treat they can thoroughly enjoy. I am a small person who loves dessert– I recommend ordering a small.

*** Disclaimer: our small (8 ounce) cups are currently on a boat traveling here from China. In the meantime, the small will be served in a medium (12 ounce) cup.

3. Medium: I love people who order mediums. Whether you finish it or not, I respect your passion for dessert.

4. Large: It’s a pint. Ask for two spoons and a lid. Or one spoon and a copy of The Notebook.

Thank you for being patient and loving while we screw everything up and try to restore it to normalcy. I know, if its not broke, don’t fix it.

You were right, I was wrong.

Like all relationships, someone eventually has to come graveling back and beg for forgiveness. Today this is me and I come with sincere apologies.

Do you forgive me?