About four years ago I went to a Halloween party dressed as some sort of pirate hooker. Let’s call it a wench. Anyway, about four years ago I went to a Halloween party dressed as a wench and all of a sudden some creepy old man came out of the crowd, grabbed me and started kissing me.

I don’t go to a lot of parties or leave home dressed like a wench very often so I’m sure I nailed the guy pretty hard. I’d never been publicly attacked like this before but I figured the guy would run off. Instead, he just stood there and laughed. Really hard.

It wasn’t until people started taking pictures of me that I realized that the creepy old guy was my dad.

Well played, dad.

My dad has always been the funniest guy at the party. He always has the best jokes.

Today it was such a pleasure seeing so many dads come in our stores to spend their day with us.

We had the young dads walking in with babies high up on their shoulders like they were parading the Stanley Cup. I remember when my dad would drag me around the supermarket on his shoulders and I would squeal with embarrassment.

I would give anything to go back to that.

Some dads came in with a whole clan of five or six kids and waited patiently for each of them to plan all of their mix-ins. And when it was all over the dad would take pride in buying his whole family treats on his special day– even if he didn’t get anything.

My dad never ordered anything for himself. Even at restaurants he would let my brothers and I order whatever we wanted and then eat ALL of our leftovers knowing that we could never finish our food. Smart guy.

Seeing all of the dads come in with their families today made us feel so special. You guys share some of the most precious days of your lives with us and it was a pleasure to serve you even though I didn’t have time to have lunch with my own dad.

Thank you for your love and loyalty.

Happy Father’s Day,


Life of the party...

Life of the party…