We are the ultimate date spot.

The line gives you just enough time to flirt, but the 20 minute commitment is also an easy out. Our music is loud enough to make you dance and a great excuse to stand uncomfortably close each other. Seriously, we should have some sort of contract with eharmony. We make people fall in love.

So you’re standing in line, brushing up against his shoulder, trying to decide between Circus Animal Cookie and Oreo Cookie Magic and your boy wonder starts eyeing the menu. This is just personal preference but I would never date a man who puts Fruity Pebbles in his yogurt– we all have to draw a line somewhere. But in this age of skinny jeans & Toms you might be okay with dating a more colorful guy. Just remember real men eat Oreos. Its a proven fact.

Sample time. The overly enthusiastic associate approaches you and your date– yes, the answer should always be yes. You want to sample the yogurts. All of them. Mostly because you want to be able to see how your date eats out of that little cup. Does he just lick off the top and try to hand the rest to you? Or maybe he’s the type that puts the whole thing in his mouth, sucks out all the yogurt, and pops the cup back out with the look of a dog that just caught a squirrel. It’s as disgusting as it sounds. You don’t want to make out with that guy.He’s all tongue. Does your date throw the empty sample cup in the trash can or give it back to the very hesitant girl behind the counter? These are character defining moments. Pay attention.

Now you make the game time decision– full or half full. If your date passed the sample test you might want to go big and take the time to hang around long enough to eat 12 ounces of yogurt. You can do a lot of flirting during 12 ounces. By the time you get to the bottom of that cup you could be naming your future pets. The half small is pretty much a get out of date free card– take 6 big bites, head to your car and don’t look back.

You also have the option to Lady and the Tramp it. Nothing says ‘I’m totally down to make out later’ like one big bowl and two spoons. I’m not saying you need to lock arms and feed each other, but showing that you’re not afraid of each others mouth germs is a great start to a potentially perfect night. Just beware of men who take excessively large bites. I don’t share dessert with men. They say they want ‘just a little bite’ and their two big bites end up being two thirds of my treat. This is unforgivable.

While I can pretty much guarantee that 21 is the best spot for first dates, blind dates and even last dates I highly recommend that you don’t abuse these privileges. I have a friend who takes all her dates to 21 Choices. Let’s just call her Natalie. When she wants to take someone on a date without actually asking them on a date she always throws out the casual ‘let’s go get a 21….’. No commitment needed. Just a good spot to test the waters. But when all the girls working start calling her by name you know she’s playing the field. If you get asked to 21 by a girl named Natalie she doesn’t know if it’s a date either. And you probably never will.

Good luck and happy dating,